Presentation of the family business Lesna galanterija Oblak (Wooden household products Oblak)

Welcome to the website of our family business!

We are a small family business where expert workers for wood processing have been employed for many years. We have been engaged in the production of special wood products for three generations. Our main product is a box for bread preservation called kruhovnik. Initially, the bread box was designed simpler, but during the long years of production we gathered the experience and trust of our customers and started to enhance our bread boxes. For this reason we are currently producing also more sophisticated bread boxes. You can see them on shelves in stores all over Europe and America. As the Slovene market is limited we have orientated our business towards exporting: our products can be seen on shopping shelves in England, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, USA and Austria. We can guarantee our customers high quality and reliability, excellent service and an acceptable price.


Stope 25
SI-1315 Velike Lašče

Telephone: +386 1 788 99 61
Telefax: +386 1 788 99 62
GSM: +386 41 77 69 05